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SOURCE: CIA World Factbook 2017

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This table lists the international rankings of Curacao, in all categories that are published in the CIA World Factbook, and those that we derived from them. Additional international rankings of Curacao, can be found in the main country ranks menu.
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Ranked Data Rank Value Date of Info
Internet users - percent of population (%)1093.90Jul 2014
Internet users - total171138,750Jul 2014
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-)28-0.402012 est.
Exports142$1,607,000,0002011 est.
GDP - composition, by sector of origin - agriculture (%)1430.702012 est.
GDP - composition, by sector of origin - industry (%)13815.502012 est.
GDP - composition, by sector of origin – services(%)2083.802012 est.
GDP - official exchange rate157$5,600,000,0002012 est.
GDP - per capita (PPP)102$15,0002004 est.
GDP - purchasing power parity187$3,128,000,0002012 est.
GDP - real growth rate (%)353.602012 est.
Imports174$1,285,000,0002011 est.
Inflation rate(consumer prices) (%)612.602013 est.
Labor force18473,0102013
Labor force - by occupation – agriculture (%)1261.202008 est.
Labor force - by occupation – industry (%)7316.902008 est.
Labor force - by occupation – services (%)1481.802008 est.
Public debt (% of GPD)11933.202012 est.
Taxes and other revenues13616.62012 est.
Unemployment rate (%)5513.002013 est.
Crude Oil - proved reserves7801 Jan 2011 est.
Electricity – consumption (kWh)124968,000,0002008 est.
Electricity – exports (kWh)7402009 est.
Electricity – imports (kWh)8402009 est.
Electricity – production (kWh)1091,785,000,0002012 est.
Electricity Consumption per capita (kWh)10NA
Natural gas – consumption (cu m)11702009 est.
Natural gas – exports (cu m)5602009 est.
Natural gas – imports (cu m)7902009 est.
Natural gas – production (cu m)9802009 est.
Natural gas - proved reserves (cu m)9901 Jan 2011 est.
Refined petroleum products - consumption9172,0002010 est.
Refined petroleum products - exports34211,1002009 est.
Refined petroleum products - imports25291,7002009 est.
Refined petroleum products - production1085312010 est.
Elevation extremes - highest point (m)2380NA
Elevation extremes - lowest point (m)350NA
Land Area - sq km198444.00NA
Land use - agricultural land (%)17210.002011 est.
Land use - arable land (%)9510.002011 est.
Land use - forest (%)1830.002011 est.
Land use – other (%)1290.002011 est.
Land use - permanent crops (%)830.002011 est.
Land use - permanent pasture (%)1610.002011 est.
Population density - Persons per sq km40335.66Jul 2016 est.
Total Area - sq km200444.00NA
Water Area - sq km1430NA
Age structure 0-14 years - female19314,7332016 est.
Age structure 0-14 years - male19315,3272016 est.
Age structure 0-14 years (%)14620.172016 est.
Age structure 15-24 years - female (%)19210,3142016 est.
Age structure 15-24 years - male (%)19111,2392016 est.
Age structure 15-24 years(%)13614.462016 est.
Age structure 25-54 years - female (%)19028,3702016 est.
Age structure 25-54 years - male (%)19027,1322016 est.
Age structure 25-54 years(%)15637.242016 est.
Age structure 55-64 years - female (%)18311,3962016 est.
Age structure 55-64 years - male (%)1848,7062016 est.
Age structure 55-64 years(%)2813.492016 est.
Age structure 65 years and over - female (%)17912,8252016 est.
Age structure 65 years and over - male (%)1848,9932016 est.
Age structure 65 years and over (%)5514.642016 est.
Birth Rate (births/1,000 population)11113.802016 est.
Death Rate (deaths/1,000 population)458.302016 est.
Dependency ratios - elderly dependency ratio (%)3322.402015 est.
Dependency ratios - potential support ratio1154.502015 est.
Dependency ratios - total dependency ratio (%)10251.102015 est.
Dependency ratios - youth dependency ratio (%)12228.702015 est.
Infant mortality rate – female (deaths/1,000 live births)1267.102016 est.
Infant mortality rate – male (deaths/1,000 live births)1348.302016 est.
Infant mortality rate – total (deaths/1,000 live births)1357.702016 est.
Life expectancy at birth – female (years)4380.702016 est.
Life expectancy at birth – male (years)3976.002016 est.
Life expectancy at birth – total (years)4078.302016 est.
Median age – female (years)4339.802016 est.
Median age – male (years)5933.302016 est.
Median age – total (years)5636.002016 est.
Net migration rate (migrant(s)/1,000 population)67-1.302016 est.
Population189149,035Jul 2016 est.
Population growth rate (%)1240.422016 est.
School life expectancy - female (years)3192013
School life expectancy - male (years)3182013
School life expectancy - total (years)3182013
Sex ratio - 0-14 years(male(s)/female)131.042016 est
Sex ratio - 15-24 years(male(s)/female)141.092016 est
Sex ratio - 25-54 years(male(s)/female)300.962016 est
Sex ratio - 55-64 years(male(s)/female)460.762016 est
Sex ratio - 65 years and over (male(s)/female)430.702016 est
Sex ratio - at birth (male(s)/female)101.052016 est
Sex ratio - total population (male(s)/female)280.922016 est
Total fertility rate (children born/woman)922.062016 est.
Urbanization - rate of urbanization (%)792.042015
Urbanization - urban population (%)2089.32010-15 est.
National air transport system - inventory of registered aircraft operated by air carriers85112015
National air transport system - number of registered air carriers2622015
Roadways - total (km)196550NA

*CALCULATED FIGURES are those that we calculated from data presented by the CIA World Factbook. For example, we calculated population density by dividing the total population by the land area, the electricity consumption per capita by dividing electricity consumption by the total population, etc.

NOTE: The information regarding the international rankings of Curacao on this page is derived from the CIA World Factbook 2017. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of international rankings of Curacao contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about international rankings of Curacao should be addressed to the CIA.

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