Egypt Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Egypt :

  • EG AGN Abu Ghosoun Abu Ghosoun
  • EG AKI Abu Kir Abu Kir
  • EG AUE Abu Rudeis Abu Rudeis
  • EG ABS Abu Simbel Abu Simbel
  • EG AZA Abu Zenima Abu Zenima
  • EG ADA Adabiya Adabiya
  • EG AIS Ain Sukhna Ain Sukhna
  • EG AQU Al Qusayr Al Qusayr
  • EG Alexandria = El Iskandariya Alexandria = El Iskandariya
  • EG ASW Aswan Aswan
  • EG Cairo = El Qahira Cairo = El Qahira
  • EG DMN Damanhour Damanhour
  • EG DAM Damietta Damietta
  • EG EDK El Dekheila El Dekheila
  • EG ALY El Iskandariya (= Alexandria) El Iskandariya (= Alexandria)
  • EG CAI El Qahira (= Cairo) El Qahira (= Cairo)
  • EG SUZ El Suweis (= Suez) El Suweis (= Suez)
  • EG AAC El'Arish El'Arish
  • EG EAH El'Arish El'Arish
  • EG FAN Fanara Fanara
  • EG FAD Fayid Fayid
  • EG GEI Geisum Terminal Geisum Terminal
  • EG HAL Halaib Halaib
  • EG HAM Hamrawein Hamrawein
  • EG HRG Hurghada Hurghada
  • EG ISM Ismailia Ismailia
  • EG KOS Kosseir Kosseir
  • EG LXR Luxor Luxor
  • EG MAH Mersa El Hamra Mersa El Hamra
  • EG UVL New Valley New Valley
  • EG PIB Port Ibrahim Port Ibrahim
  • EG PRA Port Rashid Port Rashid
  • EG PSD Port Said Port Said
  • EG PTK Port Tewfik Port Tewfik
  • EG RAG Ras Gharib Ras Gharib
  • EG RSH Ras Shukheir Ras Shukheir
  • EG PRA Rashid Rashid
  • EG SGA Safaga Safaga
  • EG SSH Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh
  • EG SBA Sidi Barrani Sidi Barrani
  • EG SKT Sidi Kerir Terminal Sidi Kerir Terminal
  • EG Suez = El Suweis Suez = El Suweis
  • EG WAF Wadi Feiran Wadi Feiran

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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