Fiji Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Fiji :

  • FJ BFJ Ba Ba
  • FJ BXL Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon
  • FJ BVF Bua Bua
  • FJ LEV Bureta Bureta
  • FJ CST Castaway Castaway
  • FJ ICI Cicia Cicia
  • FJ ELL Ellington Ellington
  • FJ KDV Kandavu Kandavu
  • FJ KXF Koro Island Koro Island
  • FJ KVU Korolevu Korolevu
  • FJ LBS Labasa Labasa
  • FJ LKB Lakeba Lakeba
  • FJ LUC Laucala Is Laucala Is
  • FJ LTK Lautoka Lautoka
  • FJ LEV Levuka Levuka
  • FJ MAL Malau (Labasa) Malau (Labasa)
  • FJ PTF Malololailai Malololailai
  • FJ MNF Mana Island Mana Island
  • FJ MFJ Moala Moala
  • FJ MOM Momi Momi
  • FJ NAN Nadi Nadi
  • FJ NAM Nambouwalu Nambouwalu
  • FJ NTA Natadola Natadola
  • FJ NGI Ngau Island Ngau Island
  • FJ ONU Ono I Lau Ono I Lau
  • FJ PHR Pacific Harbor Pacific Harbor
  • FJ RBI Rabi Rabi
  • FJ RTA Rotuma Rotuma
  • FJ AQS Saqani Saqani
  • FJ SVU Savusavu Savusavu
  • FJ SIN Singatoka Singatoka
  • FJ SUV Suva Suva
  • FJ TVU Taveuni Taveuni
  • FJ TTL Turtle Island Turtle Island
  • FJ VBV Vanuabalavu Vanuabalavu
  • FJ VAT Vatia Vatia
  • FJ VAU Vatukoula Vatukoula
  • FJ VTF Vatulele Vatulele
  • FJ VUD Vuda Vuda
  • FJ KAY Wakaya Island Wakaya Island
  • FJ YAS Yasawa Island Yasawa Island

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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