French Polynesia Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for French Polynesia :

  • PF AHE Ahe Ahe
  • PF AHU Ahurei Ahurei
  • PF AAA Anaa Anaa
  • PF APK Apataki Apataki
  • PF AXR Arutua Arutua
  • PF AUQ Atuona Atuona
  • PF BOB Bora Bora Bora Bora
  • PF FAA "Faaa, Tahiti" "Faaa, Tahiti"
  • PF FAC Faaite Faaite
  • PF FHZ Fakahina Fakahina
  • PF FAV Fakarava Fakarava
  • PF FGU Fangatau Fangatau
  • PF GMR Gambier Is Gambier Is
  • PF HOI Hao Is Hao Is
  • PF HHZ Hikueru Hikueru
  • PF HIX Hiva Oa Hiva Oa
  • PF HUH Huahine Huahine
  • PF KKR Kaukura Kaukura
  • PF MKP Makemo Makemo
  • PF XMH Manihi Manihi
  • PF MVT Mataiva Mataiva
  • PF MAU Maupiti Maupiti
  • PF MOZ Moorea Moorea
  • PF NAU Napuka Island Napuka Island
  • PF NHV Nuku Hiva Nuku Hiva
  • PF NUK Nukutavake Nukutavake
  • PF PPT Papeete Papeete
  • PF PKP Puka Puka Puka Puka
  • PF PUK Pukarua Pukarua
  • PF RFP Raiatea Raiatea
  • PF RGI Rangiroa Rangiroa
  • PF REA Reao Reao
  • PF RUR Rurutu Rurutu
  • PF TAI Taiohae Taiohae
  • PF TKP Takapoto Takapoto
  • PF TKX Takaroa Takaroa
  • PF TJN Takume Takume
  • PF TKV Tatakoto Tatakoto
  • PF TTI Tetiaroa Is Tetiaroa Is
  • PF TIH Tikehau Tikehau
  • PF TUB Tubuai Tubuai
  • PF ZTA Tureira Tureira
  • PF UAH Ua Huka Ua Huka
  • PF UAP Ua Pou Ua Pou
  • PF UTU Uturoa Uturoa
  • PF VHZ Vahitahi Vahitahi
  • PF VAI Vaitape Vaitape

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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