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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Korea, South :

  • KR ANY Anyang Anyang
  • KR BOR Boryoung Boryoung
  • KR PUS Busan (ex Pusan) Busan (ex Pusan)
  • KR CHG Changhang Changhang
  • KR CHW Changwon Changwon
  • KR CJJ Cheongju Cheongju
  • KR CJJ Cheongju apt Cheongju apt
  • KR CHO Chonan Chonan
  • KR CHU Chuncheon Chuncheon
  • KR CHU Chungju Chungju
  • KR DBL Daebul Daebul
  • KR TAE Daegu (ex Taegu) Daegu (ex Taegu)
  • KR TJN Daejeon (ex Taejon) Daejeon (ex Taejon)
  • KR Daesan = Taesan Daesan = Taesan
  • KR QET Deadeok (ex Taedok) Deadeok (ex Taedok)
  • KR KAG Gangneung (ex Kangnung) Gangneung (ex Kangnung)
  • KR JGE Geoje Geoje
  • KR KUV Gunsan (es Kunsan) Gunsan (es Kunsan)
  • KR KUZ Gusan (ex Kusan) Gusan (ex Kusan)
  • KR KWJ Gwangju (ex Kwangju) Gwangju (ex Kwangju)
  • KR HYP Hyanpoong Hyanpoong
  • KR INC Inchon Inchon
  • KR JSN Jangsung Jangsung
  • KR CHA Jeju (exCheju) Jeju (exCheju)
  • KR CHN Jeonju (ex Chonju) Jeonju (ex Chonju)
  • KR CHF Jinhae (ex Chinhae) Jinhae (ex Chinhae)
  • KR HIN Jinju (ex Chinju) Jinju (ex Chinju)
  • KR KCN Kamchun Kamchun
  • KR KMH Kimhae Kimhae
  • KR KHN Kohyon Kohyon
  • KR KJE Koje Koje
  • KR KOJ Kojong Kojong
  • KR KUP Kunpo Kunpo
  • KR KAN Kwangyang Kwangyang
  • KR KNM Kyungnam Kyungnam
  • KR MAS Masan Masan
  • KR MIP Mipo Mipo
  • KR MOK Mokpo Mokpo
  • KR MPK Mokpo apt Mokpo apt
  • KR MUK Mukho Mukho
  • KR OKK Okkye Okkye
  • KR OKP Okpo Okpo
  • KR ONS Onsan Onsan
  • KR OSN Osan Osan
  • KR PMJ Panmoonjeom Panmoonjeom
  • KR KPO Pohang Pohang
  • KR PTK Pyongtaek Pyongtaek
  • KR SUK Samcheok (ex Samchok) Samcheok (ex Samchok)
  • KR SCP Samchonpo Samchonpo
  • KR SEL Seoul - Kimpo apt Seoul - Kimpo apt
  • KR SHG Shinhang Shinhang
  • KR SPO Sogwipo Sogwipo
  • KR SHO Sokcho Sokcho
  • KR SYS Suncheon (ex Sunchon) Suncheon (ex Sunchon)
  • KR SSN Sungnam (Seoul Ab) Sungnam (Seoul Ab)
  • KR SUO Suwon Suwon
  • KR SWU Suwon (ex Su Won City) Suwon (ex Su Won City)
  • KR TAN Taean Taean
  • KR TSN Taesan Taesan
  • KR TJI Tangjin Tangjin
  • KR TGH Tonghae Tonghae
  • KR TYG Tongyoung Tongyoung
  • KR UIJ Uijeongbu Uijeongbu
  • KR UWN Uiwang Uiwang
  • KR USN Ulsan Ulsan
  • KR WND Wando Wando
  • KR WJU Wonju Wonju
  • KR YSN Yangsan Yangsan
  • KR YEC Yecheon (ex Yechon) Yecheon (ex Yechon)
  • KR YOS Yeosu (ex Yosu) Yeosu (ex Yosu)
  • KR RSU Yeosu apt Yeosu apt
  • KR YOC Yochon Yochon

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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