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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Liberia :

  • LR BYL Bella Yella Bella Yella
  • LR BYL Bella Yella Bella Yella
  • LR UCN Buchanan Buchanan
  • LR CMT Cape Mount Cape Mount
  • LR CPA Cape Palmas Cape Palmas
  • LR FIM Fimibo Fimibo
  • LR FOY Foya Foya
  • LR GBS Grand Bassa Grand Bassa
  • LR GRC Grand Cess Grand Cess
  • LR GRE Greenville Greenville
  • LR HBL Harbel Harbel
  • LR HAR Harper Harper
  • LR LOB Lower Buchanan Lower Buchanan
  • LR MAR Marshall Marshall
  • LR MLW Monrovia Monrovia
  • LR NIA Nimba Nimba
  • LR RVC Rivercess Rivercess
  • LR ROX Robertsport Robertsport
  • LR SAB Sarioe Bay Sarioe Bay
  • LR SAZ Sasstown Sasstown
  • LR SNI Sinoe Sinoe
  • LR TPT Tapeta Tapeta
  • LR THC Tchien Tchien
  • LR TRT Trade Town Trade Town
  • LR VOI Voinjama Voinjama
  • LR WES Weasua Weasua
  • LR WOI Wologissi Wologissi

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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