Mozambique Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Mozambique :

  • MZ AME Alto Molocue Alto Molocue
  • MZ ANO Angoche Angoche
  • MZ BJN Bajone Bajone
  • MZ BZB Bazaruto Island Bazaruto Island
  • MZ BEW Beira Beira
  • MZ BEL Bela Vista Bela Vista
  • MZ BCW Benguera Island Benguera Island
  • MZ CMZ Caia Caia
  • MZ VPY Chimoio Chimoio
  • MZ INE Chinde Chinde
  • MZ VJQ Gurue Gurue
  • MZ IBO Ibo Ibo
  • MZ INH Inhambane Inhambane
  • MZ IMG Inhaminga Inhaminga
  • MZ VXC Lichinga Lichinga
  • MZ LBM Luabo Luabo
  • MZ LMO Lumbo Lumbo
  • MZ MCU Macuse Macuse
  • MZ MJS Maganja Da Costa Maganja Da Costa
  • MZ MFW Magaruque Magaruque
  • MZ MPM Maputo Maputo
  • MZ RRM Marromeu Marromeu
  • MZ MSG Massinga Massinga
  • MZ MAT Matola Matola
  • MZ MEM Memba Memba
  • MZ MZQ Mocambique Mocambique
  • MZ MZB Mocimboa Praia Mocimboa Praia
  • MZ MMW Moma Moma
  • MZ MTU Montepuez Montepuez
  • MZ MOR Morrumbene Morrumbene
  • MZ MUD Mueda Mueda
  • MZ MNC Nacala Nacala
  • MZ APL Nampula Nampula
  • MZ NND Nangade Nangade
  • MZ NSO Nova Sofala Nova Sofala
  • MZ LMZ Palma Palma
  • MZ PEB Pebane Pebane
  • MZ POL Pemba Pemba
  • MZ PBE Porto Belo Porto Belo
  • MZ UEL Quelimane Quelimane
  • MZ NTC Santa Carolina Santa Carolina
  • MZ TET Tete Tete
  • MZ VJB Xai Xai Xai Xai

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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