Panama Cities and Seaports

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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Panama :

  • PA ACU Achutupo Achutupo
  • PA AGD Aguadulce Aguadulce
  • PA AIL Ailigandi Ailigandi
  • PA PAM Almirante Almirante
  • PA PBM Bahia de las Minas Bahia de las Minas
  • PA BFQ Bahia Pinas Bahia Pinas
  • PA BLB Balboa Balboa
  • PA CDE Caledonia Caledonia
  • PA CTE Carti Carti
  • PA CHX Changuinola Changuinola
  • PA CHA Charco Azul Charco Azul
  • PA CHG Chiriqui Grande Chiriqui Grande
  • PA CTD Chitre Chitre
  • PA CSO Coco Solo Coco Solo
  • PA ONX Colon Colon
  • PA CFZ Colon Free Zone Colon Free Zone
  • PA OTD Contadora Contadora
  • PA CZJ Corazon De Jesus Corazon De Jesus
  • PA CTB Cristobal Cristobal
  • PA DAV David David
  • PA PVE El Porvenir El Porvenir
  • PA ELE El Real El Real
  • PA HOW Fort Kobbe Fort Kobbe
  • PA GBA Gamboa Gamboa
  • PA GHE Garachine Garachine
  • PA GTN Gatun Gatun
  • PA JQE Jaque Jaque
  • PA PLP La Palma La Palma
  • PA MNP Las Minas Las Minas
  • PA MPI Mamitupo Mamitupo
  • PA MIT Manzanillo Manzanillo
  • PA MFS Miraflores Miraflores
  • PA MPP Mulatupo Mulatupo
  • PA NGN Nargana Nargana
  • PA PTY Panama City Panama City
  • PA PAI Paraiso Paraiso
  • PA PAY Payardi Payardi
  • PA PED Pedregal Pedregal
  • PA POE Pedro Miguel Pedro Miguel
  • PA PYC Playon Chico Playon Chico
  • PA PBE Pto Bello Pto Bello
  • PA PUE Pto Obaldia Pto Obaldia
  • PA AML Puerto Armuelles Puerto Armuelles
  • PA LIO Puerto Limon Puerto Limon
  • PA RIZ Rio Alzucar Rio Alzucar
  • PA RSI Rio Sidra Rio Sidra
  • PA RIT Rio Tigre Rio Tigre
  • PA SAX Sambu Sambu
  • PA NMG San Miguel San Miguel
  • PA SFW Santa Fe Santa Fe
  • PA SYP Santiago Santiago
  • PA TJC Ticantiki Ticantiki
  • PA TUW Tubala Tubala
  • PA TUE Tupile Tupile
  • PA UTU Ustupo Ustupo
  • PA VAC Vacamonte Vacamonte
  • PA PYV Yavisa Yavisa

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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