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IATA City and Seaport Codes for Solomon Islands :

  • SB AFT Afutara Afutara
  • SB ALB "Allardyce Harbour, Sta Isabel Is" "Allardyce Harbour, Sta Isabel Is"
  • SB ANH Anuha Island Resort Anuha Island Resort
  • SB AOB Aola Bay Aola Bay
  • SB ATD Atoifi Atoifi
  • SB AKS "Auki, Malaita Is" "Auki, Malaita Is"
  • SB AVU "Avu Avu, Guadalcanal Is" "Avu Avu, Guadalcanal Is"
  • SB BAS "Balalae, Shortland Isls" "Balalae, Shortland Isls"
  • SB VEV Barakoma Barakoma
  • SB RRI Barora Barora
  • SB BPF Batuna Batuna
  • SB BNY Bellona Is Bellona Is
  • SB CHY "Choiseul Bay, Choiseul Is" "Choiseul Bay, Choiseul Is"
  • SB FRE "Fera Island, Sta Isabel Is" "Fera Island, Sta Isabel Is"
  • SB GTA Gatokae Gatokae
  • SB GEF Geva Geva
  • SB GZO Gizo Is Gizo Is
  • SB HIR "Honiara, Guadalcanal Is" "Honiara, Guadalcanal Is"
  • SB KGE Kagau Kagau
  • SB IRA "Kirakira, San Cristobal Is" "Kirakira, San Cristobal Is"
  • SB KUE Kukundu Kukundu
  • SB KWR Kwai Harbour Kwai Harbour
  • SB KWS Kwailabesi Kwailabesi
  • SB LEV "Lever Harbour, New Georgia" "Lever Harbour, New Georgia"
  • SB LOF Lofung Lofung
  • SB RUS "Marau Sound, Guadalcanal Is" "Marau Sound, Guadalcanal Is"
  • SB MBU "Mbambanakira, Guadalcanal Is" "Mbambanakira, Guadalcanal Is"
  • SB MNY Mono Mono
  • SB MUA Munda Munda
  • SB MUA "Munda, New Georgia" "Munda, New Georgia"
  • SB NOR "Noro, New Georgia" "Noro, New Georgia"
  • SB ONE "Onepusu, Malaita Island" "Onepusu, Malaita Island"
  • SB OTV Ontong Java Ontong Java
  • SB PRS "Parasi, Malaita Island" "Parasi, Malaita Island"
  • SB RBV Ramata Ramata
  • SB RNL Rennell Island Rennell Island
  • SB RIN "Ringi Cove, Kolombangara" "Ringi Cove, Kolombangara"
  • SB NNB Santa Ana Santa Ana
  • SB SCZ Santa Cruz Is Santa Cruz Is
  • SB SVY Savo Savo
  • SB EGM "Sege, New Georgia" "Sege, New Georgia"
  • SB SHH "Shortland Harbour, Shortland Is" "Shortland Harbour, Shortland Is"
  • SB VAO Suavanao Suavanao
  • SB TAA Tarapaina Tarapaina
  • SB TLG "Tulagi, Ngella" "Tulagi, Ngella"
  • SB VIU Viru Harbour Viru Harbour
  • SB XYA "Yandina, Pavuvu Island" "Yandina, Pavuvu Island"

    SOURCE: IATA and other sources

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