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Andorra Government 1996

    • Names:

        conventional long form:
        Principality of Andorra

        conventional short form:

        local long form:
        Principat d'Andorra

        local short form:

    • Digraph:

    • Type:
      parliamentary democracy (since March 1993) that retains as its heads of state a co-principality; the two princes are the president of France and Spanish bishop of Seo de Urgel, who are represented locally by officials called veguers

    • Capital:
      Andorra la Vella

    • Administrative divisions:
      7 parishes (parroquies, singular - parroquia); Andorra, Canillo, Encamp, La Massana, Les Escaldes, Ordino, Sant Julia de Loria

    • Independence:

    • National holiday:
      Mare de Deu de Meritxell, 8 September

    • Constitution:
      Andorra's first written constitution was drafted in 1991; adopted 14 March 1993

    • Legal system:
      based on French and Spanish civil codes; no judicial review of legislative acts; has not accepted compulsory ICJ jurisdiction

    • Suffrage:
      18 years of age; universal

    • Executive branch:

        chiefs of state:
        French Co-Prince Francois MITTERRAND (since 21 May 1981), represented by Veguer de Franca Jean Pierre COURTOIS (since NA); note - COURTOIS is to become French ambassador to Libreville and his replacement has not been announced; Spanish Episcopal Co-Prince Mgr. Juan MARTI Alanis (since 31 January 1971), represented by Veguer Episcopal Francesc BADIA Bata (since NA); two permanent delegates (French Prefect Pierre STEINMETZ for the department of Pyrenees-Orientales, since NA, and Spanish Vicar General Nemesi MARQUES Oste for the Seo de Urgel diocese, since NA)

        head of government:
        Executive Council President Marc FORNE (since 21 December 1994) elected by Parliament, following resignation of Oscar RIBAS Reig

        Executive Council; designated by the executive council president

    • Legislative branch:

        General Council of the Valleys:
        (Consell General de las Valls); elections last held 12 December 1993 (next to be held NA); yielded no clear winner; results - percent of vote by party NA; seats - (28 total) number of seats by party NA

    • Judicial branch:
      Supreme Court of Andorra at Perpignan (France) for civil cases, the Ecclesiastical Court of the bishop of Seo de Urgel (Spain) for civil cases, Tribunal of the Courts (Tribunal des Cortes) for criminal cases

    • Political parties and leaders:
      National Democratic Group (AND), Oscar RIBAS Reig and Jordi FARRAS; Liberal Union (UL), Francesc CERQUEDA; New Democracy (ND), Jaume BARTOMEU; Andorran National Coalition (CNA), Antoni CERQUEDA; National Democratic Initiative (IDN), Vincenc MATEU; Liberal Union (UL), Marc FORNE

        there are two other small parties

    • Member of:
      ECE, IFRCS (associate), INTERPOL, IOC, ITU, UN, UNESCO

    • Diplomatic representation in US:
      Andorra has no mission in the US

    • US diplomatic representation:
      Andorra is included within the Barcelona (Spain) Consular District, and the US Consul General visits Andorra periodically

    • Flag:
      three equal vertical bands of blue (hoist side), yellow, and red with the national coat of arms centered in the yellow band; the coat of arms features a quartered shield; similar to the flags of Chad and Romania that do not have a national coat of arms in the center

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