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Holy See (Vatican City) Government 1996

    • Names:

        conventional long form:
        The Holy See (State of the Vatican City)

        conventional short form:
        Holy See (Vatican City)

        local long form:
        Santa Sede (Stato della Citta del Vaticano)

        local short form:
        Santa Sede (Citta del Vaticano)

    • Digraph:

    • Type:
      monarchical-sacerdotal state

    • Capital:
      Vatican City

    • Independence:
      11 February 1929 (from Italy)

    • National holiday:
      Installation Day of the Pope, 22 October (1978) (John Paul II)

        Pope John Paul II was elected on 16 October 1978

    • Constitution:
      Apostolic Constitution of 1967 (effective 1 March 1968)

    • Legal system:

    • Suffrage:
      limited to cardinals less than 80 years old

    • Executive branch:

        chief of state:
        Pope JOHN PAUL II (Karol WOJTYLA; since 16 October 1978); election last held 16 October 1978 (next to be held after the death of the current pope); results - Karol WOJTYLA was elected for life by the College of Cardinals

        head of government:
        Secretary of State Archbishop Angelo Cardinal SODANO (since NA 1991)

        Pontifical Commission; appointed by Pope

    • Legislative branch:
      unicameral Pontifical Commission

    • Judicial branch:
      none; normally handled by Italy

    • Political parties and leaders:

    • Other political or pressure groups:
      none (exclusive of influence exercised by church officers)

    • Member of:
      IAEA, ICFTU, INTELSAT, IOM (observer), ITU, OAS (observer), OSCE, UN (observer), UNCTAD, UNHCR, UPU, WIPO, WTO (observer)

    • Diplomatic representation in US:

        chief of mission:
        Apostolic Pro-Nuncio Archbishop Agostino CACCIAVILLAN

        3339 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008

        [1] (202) 333-7121

    • US diplomatic representation:

        chief of mission:
        Ambassador Raymond L. FLYNN

        Via Delle Terme Deciane 26, Rome 00153

        mailing address:
        PSC 59, APO AE 09624

        [39] (6) 46741

        [39] (6) 6380159

    • Flag:
      two vertical bands of yellow (hoist side) and white with the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the papal miter centered in the white band

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