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    Slovakia Government - 2006

      Country name:
      conventional long form: Slovak Republic
      conventional short form: Slovakia
      local long form: Slovenska Republika
      local short form: Slovensko

      Government type:
      parliamentary democracy


      Administrative divisions:
      8 regions (kraje, singular - kraj); Banskobystricky, Bratislavsky, Kosicky, Nitriansky, Presovsky, Trenciansky, Trnavsky, Zilinsky

      1 January 1993 (Czechoslovakia split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia)

      National holiday:
      Constitution Day, 1 September (1992)

      ratified 1 September 1992, effective 1 January 1993; changed in September 1998 to allow direct election of the president; amended February 2001 to allow Slovakia to apply for NATO and EU membership

      Legal system:
      civil law system based on Austro-Hungarian codes; accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction, with reservations; legal code modified to comply with the obligations of Organization on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and to expunge Marxist-Leninist legal theory

      18 years of age; universal

      Executive branch:
      chief of state: President Ivan GASPAROVIC (since 15 June 2004)
      head of government: Prime Minister Mikulas DZURINDA (since 30 October 1998); Deputy Prime Ministers Ivan MIKLOS and Pal CSAKY (since 30 October 1998); Deputy Prime Ministers Daniel LIPSIC and Jirko MALCHAREK (since October 2005)
      cabinet: Cabinet appointed by the president on the recommendation of the prime minister
      elections: president elected by direct, popular vote for a five-year term; election last held 3 April and 17 April 2004 (next to be held April 2009); following National Council elections, the leader of the majority party or the leader of a majority coalition is usually appointed prime minister by the president
      election results: Ivan GASPAROVIC elected president in runoff; percent of vote - Ivan GASPAROVIC 59.9%, Vladimir MECIAR 40.1%; Mikulas DZURINDA reappointed prime minister October 2002 following general elections the previous month
      note: government coalition - SDKU, SMK, KDH

      Legislative branch:
      unicameral National Council of the Slovak Republic or Narodna Rada Slovenskej Republiky (150 seats; members are elected on the basis of proportional representation to serve four-year terms)
      elections: last held 20-21 September 2002 (next to be held 17 June 2006)
      election results: percent of vote by party - HZDS-LS 19.5%, SDKU 15.1%, Smer 13.5%, SMK 11.2%, KDH 8.3%, ANO 8%, KSS 6.3%; seats by party - governing coalition 53 (SDKU 23, SMK 20, ANO 10), opposition 97 (Smer 27, HZDS-LS 22, KDH 15, KSS 9, and independents 24) (February 2006)

      Judicial branch:
      Supreme Court (judges are elected by the National Council); Constitutional Court (judges appointed by president from group of nominees approved by the National Council); Special Court (judges elected by a council of judges and appointed by president)

      Political parties and leaders:
      Christian Democratic Movement or KDH [Pavol HRUSOVSKY]; Direction (Smer) [Robert FICO]; Free Forum [Zuzana MARTINAKOVA]; Movement for Democracy or HZD [Jozef GRAPA]; Movement for a Democratic Slovakia-People's Party or HZDS-LS [Vladimir MECIAR]; New Citizens Alliance or ANO [Pavol RUSKO]; Party of the Hungarian Coalition or SMK [Bela BUGAR]; People's Union or LU [Gustav KRAJCI]; Slovak Communist Party or KSS [Jozef SEVC]; Slovak Democratic and Christian Union or SDKU [Mikulas DZURINDA]; Slovak National Party or SNS [Jan SLOTA]

      Political pressure groups and leaders:
      Association of Employers of Slovakia; Association of Towns and Villages or ZMOS; Confederation of Trade Unions or KOZ; Metal Workers Unions or KOVO and METALURG

      International organization participation:
      ACCT (observer), Australia Group, BIS, BSEC (observer), CE, CEI, CERN, EAPC, EBRD, EIB, EU (new member), FAO, IAEA, IBRD, ICAO, ICC, ICCt, ICFTU, ICRM, IDA, IEA, IFC, IFRCS, ILO, IMF, IMO, Interpol, IOC, IOM, IPU, ISO, ITU, MIGA, NAM (guest), NATO, NEA, NSG, OAS (observer), OECD, OIF (observer), OPCW, OSCE, PCA, UN, UN Security Council (temporary), UNAMSIL, UNCTAD, UNDOF, UNESCO, UNFICYP, UNIDO, UNTSO, UPU, WCL, WCO, WEU (associate partner), WFTU, WHO, WIPO, WMO, WToO, WTO, ZC

      Diplomatic representation in the US:
      chief of mission: Ambassador Rastislav KACER
      chancery: 3523 International Court NW, Washington, DC 20008
      telephone: [1] (202) 237-1054
      FAX: [1] (202) 237-6438
      consulate(s) general: Los Angeles, New York

      Diplomatic representation from the US:
      chief of mission: Ambassador Rodolphe "Skip" M. VALLEE
      embassy: Hviezdoslavovo Namestie 4, 81102 Bratislava
      mailing address: P.O. Box 309, 814 99 Bratislava
      telephone: [421] (2) 5443-3338
      FAX: [421] (2) 5443-0096

      Flag description:
      three equal horizontal bands of white (top), blue, and red superimposed with the coat of arms of Slovakia (consisting of a red shield bordered in white and bearing a white Cross of Lorraine surmounting three blue hills); the coat of arms is centered vertically and offset slightly to the hoist side

      NOTE: The information regarding Slovakia on this page is re-published from the 2006 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Slovakia Government 2006 information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Slovakia Government 2006 should be addressed to the CIA.

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