Bosnia and Herzegovina Chiefs of State 2011

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National Govt.
Presidency Chmn. (Serb) Nebojsa RADMANOVIC
Presidency Member (Bosniak) Bakir IZETBEGOVIC
Presidency Member (Croat) Zeljko KOMSIC
Chmn., Council of Ministers (Acting) Nikola SPIRIC
Min. of Civil Affairs Sredoje NOVIC
Min. of Defense Selmo CIKOTIC
Min. of Finance Dragan VRANKIC
Min. of Foreign Affairs Sven ALKALAJ
Min. of Foreign Trade Slobodan PUHALAC
Min. of Human Rights & Refugees Safet HALILOVIC
Min. of Justice Barisa COLAK
Min. of Security Sadik AHMETOVIC
Min. of Transport & Communication Rudo VIDOVIC
Governor, Central Bank Kemal KOZARIC
Ambassador to the US Mitar KUJUNDZIC
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Ivan BARBALIC

Federation Govt.
Pres. Borjana KRSTO
Vice Pres. Mirsad KEBO
Vice Pres. Spomenka MICIC
Prime Min. Mustafa MUJEZINOVIC
Dep. Prime Min. Vjekoslav BEVANDA
Dep. Prime Min. Gavrilo GRAHOVAC
Min. of Agriculture, Water Industry, & Forestry Damir LJUBIC
Min. of Culture & Sports Gavrilo GRAHOVAC
Min. of Development, Entrepreneurship, & Crafts Velimir KUNIC
Min. of Education & Science Meliha ALIC
Min. of Energy, Mining, & Industry Vahid HECO
Min. of Environment & Tourism Nevenko HERCEG
Min. of Finance Vjekoslav BEVANDA
Min. of Health Safet OMEROVIC
Min. of Interior Muhidin ALIC
Min. of Justice Feliks VIDOVIC
Min. of Labor & Social Welfare Perica JELECEVIC
Min. of the Liberation War Veterans & Disabled Veterans Issues  
Min. of Refugees & Displaced Persons Edin MUSIC
Min. of Soldiers' Matters Zahid CRNKIC
Min. of Spatial Planning Salko OBHODJAS
Min. of Trade Desnica RADIVOJEVIC
Min. of Traffic & Communications Nail SECKANOVIC
Min. of Urban Planning  

Republika Srpska Govt.
Pres. Milorad DODIK
Vice Pres. Davor CORDAS
Vice Pres. Adil OSMANOVIC
Prime Min. Milorad DODIK
Min. of Agriculture Radivoje BRATIC
Min. of Economic Relations & Coordination Jasna BRKIC
Min. of Economy & Energy Rajko UBIPARIP
Min. of Education & Culture Anton KASIPOVIC
Min. of Finance Alexsandr DZOMBIC
Min. of Health & Social Protection Ranko SKRBIC
Min. of Interior Stanislav CADJO
Min. of Justice Dzerard SELMAN
Min. of Labor & Veterans Affairs Bosko TOMIC
Min. of Public Admin. & Local Self-Govt. Zoran LIPOVAC
Min. of Refugees & Displaced Persons Omer BRANKOVIC
Min. of Science & Technology Bakir AJANOVIC
Min. of Trade & Tourism Predrag GLUKOVIC
Min. of Transport & Communications Nedeljko CUBRILOVIC
Min. of Urban Planning & Ecology Fatima FETIBEGOVIC
Min. of Youth, Families, & Sport Proko DRAGOSAVLJEVIC

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