Gabon Chiefs of State 2011

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Pres. Ali Ben BONGO Ondimba
Vice Pres. Didjob Divungi DI NDINGE
Prime Min. Jean Eyeghe NDONG
Dep. Prime Min. Honorine DOSSOU NAKI
Dep. Prime Min. Laure Olga GONDJOUT
Dep. Prime Min. Georgette KOKO
Dep. Prime Min. Paul MBA ABESSOLE
Min. of State for Agriculture & Rural Development Paul BIYOGHE MBA
Min. of State for Communication, Post, & Telecommunications & New Information Technologies Jean-Boniface ASSELE, Gen.
Min. of State for Culture, the Arts, Educating the Population, Reform, & Human Rights Paul MBA ABESSOLE
Min. of State for Economy, Finance, Budget, & Privatization Blaise LOUEMBE
Min. of State for Foreign Affairs, Cooperation, & Francophonie & Regional Integration Paul TOUNGUI
Min. of State for Housing & Town Planning Josue MBADINGA
Min. of State for Planning & Programming Development, in Charge of Evaluating Public Policies Richard Auguste ONOUVIET
Min. of State for Trade & Industial Development Patrice TONDA
Min. of Defense Ali BONGO ONDIMBA
Min. for the Environment, Sustainable Development, & the Protection of Nature Georgette KOKO
Min. of Forests, Water, & Fishing Economy Emile DOUMBA
Min. for Higher Education Dieudonne PAMBO
Min. of Interior, Regional Development, Decentralization, Security, & Immigration Jean Francois NDONGOU
Min. of Justice Martin MABALA
Min. of the Merchant Navy & Port Infrastructures Jacques ADIAHENOT
Min. of Mines, Petroleum, Hydrocarbons, Energy, Hydraulic Resources, & the Promotion of New Energies Casimir OYE MBA
Min. of National Coordination & Monitoring of Govt. Action Andre MBA OBAME
Min. of National Education & Civic Instruction Michel MENGA M'ESSONO
Min. for Public Health & Sanitation, in Charge of the Family & the Promotion of Women Denise MEKAM'NE
Min. of Public Services & the Modernization of the State Alain Mensah ZOGUELET
Min. of Public Works, Infrastructures, & Construction Flavien NZENGUI NZOUNDOU, Gen.
Min. of Scientific Research & Technological Development Albert ONDO OSSA
Min. of Small & Medium-Size Enterprises, Social Economy, & the Fight Against Poverty Vincent ESSONE MENGUE
Min. of Social Affairs, National Solidarity, & the Protection of Widows & Orphans, in Charge of the Fights Against AIDS Angelique NGOMA
Min. of State Control, Inspections, the Fight Against Corruption, & Illegal Accumulation of Wealth Honorine DOSSOU NAKI
Min. of Technical Training, Vocational Training, & Professional Integration of Young People Pierre-Andre KOMBILA
Min. of Territorial Development & Urban Policy Pierre Claver MAGANGA MOUSSAVOU
Min. of Tourism & National Parks Idriss NGARI, Gen.
Min. of Transport & Civil Aviation Dieudonne MOUIRI BOUSSOUGOU
Min. of Youth, Sports, & Leisure, in Charge of Voluntary Organizations, & Govt. Spokesperson Rene NDEMEZO OBIANG
Min. in Charge of Relations With Parliament & Constitutional Institutions Alain Mensah ZOGUELET
Ambassador to the US Carlos Victor BOUNGOU
Permanent Representative to the UN, New York Emmanuel ISSOZE-NGONDET

NOTE: The information regarding Gabon on this page is re-published from the 2011 World Fact Book of the United States Central Intelligence Agency. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of Gabon Chiefs of State 2011 information contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about Gabon Chiefs of State 2011 should be addressed to the CIA.

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