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International Rankings of Ethiopia - 2013
SOURCE: CIA World Factbook 2013

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This table lists the international rankings of Ethiopia in all categories that are published in the CIA World Factbook, and those that we derived from them. Additional international rankings of Ethiopia can be found in the main country ranks menu.
For a definition of each entry, visit the Definitions page.

Ranked Data Value Rank Date of Info
Internet hosts1792042012
Internet users447,3001192009
Telephones - main lines in use829,000862011
Telephones - mobile cellular14,127,000562011
Budget expenditures$7,219,000,0001012012 est.
Budget revenues$6,079,000,0001022012 est.
Budget surplus (+) or deficit (-) % of GDP-2.70962012 est.
Commercial bank prime lending rate(%)16.003531 Dec 2011 est.
Current account balance-$2,950,000,0001492012 est.
Debt - external$9,956,000,0009431 Dec 2012 est.
Distribution of family income - Gini index30.01172000
Exports$3,163,000,0001292012 est.
GDP - composition by sector - agriculture(%)46.6082012 est.
GDP - composition by sector - industry(%)14.601932012 est.
GDP - composition by sector - services(%)38.801982012 est.
GDP - official exchange rate$41,890,000,000862012 est.
GDP - per capita (PPP)$1,2002112012 est.
GDP - purchasing power parity$103,100,000,000732012 est.
GDP - real growth rate(%)7.00272012 est.
Household income or consumption by percentage share - highest 10%25.601202005
Household income or consumption by percentage share - lowest 10%(%)4.1092005
Imports$10,600,000,000932012 est.
Industrial production growth rate(%)9.50152010 est.
Inflation rate(consumer prices)(%)21.7072012 est.
Investment (gross fixed)(% of GPD)22.70632012 est.
Labor force37,900,000172007
Labor force - by occupation - agriculture(%)85.0092009 est.
Labor force - by occupation - industry(%)5.001632009 est.
Labor force - by occupation - services(%)10.001882009 est.
Population below poverty line(%)29.2074FY09/10 est.
Public debt(% of GPD)44.40762012 est.
Reserves of foreign exchange and gold$3,024,000,00010831 Dec 2012 est.
Stock of broad money$ 13,350,000,0009431 Dec 2012 est.
Stock of domestic credit$13,910,000,0009031 Dec 2012 est.
Stock of money$4,930,000,0006731 Dec 2008
Stock of narrow money$ 7,851,000,0008431 Dec 2012 est.
Stock of quasi money$3,603,000,0009331 Dec 2008
Taxes and other revenues14.51932012 est.
Carbon dioxide emissions from consumption of energy6,740,0001132010 est.
Crude Oil - exports01762009 est.
Crude Oil - imports01772009 est.
Crude Oil - production01822011 est.
Crude Oil - proved reserves430,0001011 Jan 2012 est.
Electricity - consumption per capita (kWh)*40.002042009 est.
Electricity - consumption(kWh)3,648,000,0001252009 est.
Electricity - exports(kWh)01852010 est.
Electricity - from fossil fuels17.21922009 est.
Electricity - from hydroelectric plants82.1142009 est.
Electricity - from nuclear fuels0.01652009 est.
Electricity - from other renewable sources0.6722009 est.
Electricity - imports(kWh)01872010 est.
Electricity - installed generating capacity1,180,0001202009 est.
Electricity - production(kWh)4,039,000,0001242009 est.
Natural gas - consumption(cu m)01912010 est.
Natural gas - exports(cu m)01662010 est.
Natural gas - imports(cu m)01792010 est.
Natural gas - production(cu m)01782010 est.
Natural gas - proved reserves(cu m)113,000,000,000531 Jan 2011 est.
Refined petroleum products - consumption49,0801012011 est.
Refined petroleum products - exports01872008 est.
Refined petroleum products - imports42,480742008 est.
Refined petroleum products - production01832008 est.
Elevation extremes - highest point(m)453336NA
Elevation extremes - lowest point(m)-125243NA
Freshwater withdrawal (domestic/industrial/agricultural) - per capita (cu km/yr)721392002
Freshwater withdrawal (domestic/industrial/agricultural) - total (cu km/yr)5.56642002
Irrigated land(sq km)2,900652003
Land Area - sq km1,000,000.0030NA
Land boundaries - km5,32829NA
Land use - arable land(%)10.011152005
Land use - other(%)89.341132005
Land use - permanent crops(%)0.651382005
Population density - Persons per sq km*91.20111NA
Total Area - sq km1,104,300.0027NA
Total renewable water resources(cu km)110.00641987
Water Area - sq km104,3007NA
Manpower available for military service - female19,726,816162010 est.
Manpower available for military service - male19,067,499172010 est.
Manpower fit for military service - female12,889,260192010 est.
Manpower fit for military service - male11,868,084212010 est.
Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually - female981,714112010 est.
Manpower reaching militarily significant age annually - male967,411112010 est.
Military expenditures - percent of GDP1.201192009
Age structure 0-14 years - female20,319,812112012 est.
Age structure 0-14 years - male20,342,615112012 est.
Age structure 0-14 years(%)44.60142012 est.
Age structure 15-24 years19.8672012 est.
Age structure 15-24 years - female9,087,897132012 est.
Age structure 15-24 years - male8,976,586142012 est.
Age structure 25-54 years28.92182012 est.
Age structure 25-54 years - female13,248,588222012 est.
Age structure 25-54 years - male13,144,601222012 est.
Age structure 55-64 years3.92012012 est.
Age structure 55-64 years - female1,802,075332012 est.
Age structure 55-64 years - male1,719,791302012 est.
Age structure 65 years and over - female1,398,336372012 est.
Age structure 65 years and over - male1,155,374362012 est.
Age structure 65 years and over(%)2.802122012 est.
Birth Rate(births/1,000 population)38.50152012 est.
Children under the age of 5 years underweight34.60102005
Death Rate(deaths/1,000 population)9.3061Jul 2012 est.
Education expenditures - percent of GDP5.50442007
Health expenditures3.601702009
Hospital bed density0.181822008
Infant mortality rate - female(deaths/1,000 live births)52.00322012 est.
Infant mortality rate - male(deaths/1,000 live births)69.50232012 est.
Infant mortality rate - total(deaths/1,000 live births)60.90262012 est.
Life expectancy at birth - female(years)59.211962012 est.
Life expectancy at birth - male(years)53.992012012 est.
Life expectancy at birth - total(years)56.561962012 est.
Literacy - female(%)35.101942003 est.
Literacy - male(%)50.301972003 est.
Literacy - total(%)42.702052003 est.
Maternal mortality rate350.00312010
Median age - female(years)17.102222012 est.
Median age - male(years)16.502202012 est.
Median age - total(years)16.802212012 est.
Net migration rate(migrant(s)/1,000 population)-0.011142012 est.
Physicians density0.021862007
Population growth rate(%)2.90122012 est.
Sanitation facility access - Rural Improved (% of population)8178NA
Sanitation facility access - Rural UnImproved (% of population)9212NA
Sanitation facility access - Total Improved (% of population)12189NA
Sanitation facility access - Total UnImproved (% of population)886NA
Sanitation facility access - Urban Improved (% of population)29182NA
Sanitation facility access - Urban UnImproved (% of population)7110NA
School life expectancy - female (years)81732008
School life expectancy - male (years)91792008
School life expectancy - total (years)81872008
Sex ratio - 65 years and over(male(s)/female)0.751482011 est
Sex ratio - at birth(male(s)/female)1.032062011 est
Sex ratio - total population(male(s)/female)0.971542011 est
Sex ratio - under 15 years(male(s)/female)1.002192011 est
Sex ratio 15-64 years(male(s)/female)0.961812011 est
Total fertility rate(children born/woman)5.39132012 est.
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 - female (%)29222006
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 - male(%)20472006
Unemployment, youth ages 15-24 - total (%)25302006
Urbanization - rate of urbanization(%)3.8292010
Urbanization - urban population(%)172192010
Airports - with paved runways - total17882012
Airports - with unpaved runways - total41712012
Merchant marine(ships)81202010

*CALCULATED FIGURES are those that we calculated from data presented by the CIA World Factbook. For example, we calculated population density by dividing the total population by the land area, the electricity consumption per capita by dividing electricity consumption by the total population, etc.

NOTE: The information regarding the international rankings of Ethiopia on this page is derived from the CIA World Factbook 2013. No claims are made regarding the accuracy of international rankings of Ethiopia contained here. All suggestions for corrections of any errors about international rankings of Ethiopia should be addressed to the CIA.

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