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Navassa Island Geography - 2024


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Caribbean, island in the Caribbean Sea, 30 nm west of Tiburon Peninsula of Haiti

Geographic coordinates

18 25 N, 75 02 W

Map references

Central America and the Caribbean


total: 5 sq km

land: 5.4 sq km

water: 0 sq km

Area - comparative

about nine times the size of the National Mall in Washington, DC

Land boundaries

total: 0 km


8 km

Maritime claims

territorial sea: 12 nm

exclusive economic zone: 200 nm


marine, tropical


raised flat to undulating coral and limestone plateau; ringed by vertical white cliffs (9 to 15 m high)


highest point: 200 m NNW of lighthouse 85 m

lowest point: Caribbean Sea 0 m

Natural resources

guano (mining discontinued in 1898)

Land use

other: 100% (2018 est.)

Natural hazards


Geography - note

strategic location 160 km south of the US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; mostly exposed rock with numerous solution holes (limestone sinkholes) but with enough grassland to support goat herds; dense stands of fig trees, scattered cactus

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