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South Sudan Climate
SOURCE: The World Meteorological Organization AND OTHER SOURCES

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Juba has a tropical wet and dry climate and as it lies near the equator, temperatures are hot year-round. However, little rain falls from November to March, which is also the time of the year with the hottest maximum temperatures, reaching 38 °C (100 °F) in February. From April to October, more than 100 millimetres (3.9 in) of rain falls per month. The annual total precipitation is nearly 1,000 mm (39 in).
Month Mean Temperature oC Mean Total Rainfall (mm) Mean Number of Rain Days
Jan 20.1 36.8 5.1 1.4
Feb 21.7 37.9 11.0 2.0
Mar 23.6 37.7 36.7 6.6
Apr 23.4 35.4 111.5 11.6
May 22.6 33.5 129.9 12.4
Jun 21.9 32.4 117.8 10.3
Jul 21.1 31.1 144.7 13.0
Aug 21.0 31.6 127.5 11.5
Sep 21.1 33.1 103.7 8.6
Oct 21.3 34.0 114.5 10.4
Nov 20.9 34.7 43.1 6.5
Dec 20.0 35.9 8.2 1.9

South Sudan has a climate similar to an Equatorial or tropical climate, characterized by a rainy season of high humidity and large amounts of rainfall followed by a drier season. The temperature on average is always high with July being the coolest month with an average temperatures falling between 68 and 86°F (20 and 30°C) and March being the warmest month with average temperatures ranging from 73 to 98°F (23 to 37°C).

The most rainfall is seen between May and October, but the rainy season can commence in April and extend until November. On average May is the wettest month. The season is "influenced by the annual shift of the Inter-Tropical Zone" and the shift to southerly and southwesterly winds leading to slightly lower temperatures, higher humidity, and more cloud coverage.

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