West Bank Communications - 2023


Telephones - fixed lines

total subscriptions: 485,829 (2021 est.)

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 9 (2021 est.)

note: includes Gaza Strip

Telephones - mobile cellular

total subscriptions: 4,052,966 (2021 est.)

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 78 (2021 est.)

note: includes Gaza Strip

Telecommunication systems

general assessment: most telecommunications companies in the West Bank and Gaza import directly from international vendors; the major challenge they face are Israeli restrictions on telecommunication imports that are listed as “Dual Use” products; during a visit to the West Bank in July 2022, U.S. President Joe Biden announced that Israeli and Palestinian teams will work together immediately to roll out an advanced infrastructure for 4G by the end of 2023; currently, only 2G service is available in Gaza (2022)

domestic: fixed-line 9 per 100 and mobile-cellular subscriptions 78 per 100 (includes Gaza Strip) (2021)

international: country code 970 or 972; 1 international switch in Ramallah

Broadcast media

the Palestinian Authority operates 1 TV and 1 radio station; about 20 private TV and 40 radio stations; both Jordanian TV and satellite TV are accessible

Internet country code

.ps; note - IANA has designated .ps for the West Bank, same as Gaza Strip

Internet users

total: 3,938,199 (2021 est.)

percent of population: 80% (2021 est.)

note: includes the Gaza Strip

Broadband - fixed subscriptions

total: 373,050 (2020 est.)

subscriptions per 100 inhabitants: 7 (2020 est.)

note: includes the Gaza Strip

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