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Bosnia and Herzegovina Government 1996

    • Note:
      The US recognizes the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, formed by the Muslims and Croats in March 1994, remains in the implementation stages.

    • Names:

        conventional long form:
        Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

        conventional short form:
        Bosnia and Herzegovina

        local long form:
        Republika Bosna i Hercegovina

        local short form:
        Bosna i Hercegovina

    • Digraph:

    • Type:
      emerging democracy

    • Capital:

    • Administrative divisions:
      109 districts (opstinas, singular - opstina) Banovici, Banja Luka, Bihac, Bijeljina, Bileca, Bosanska Dubica, Bosanska Gradiska, Bosanska Krupa, Bosanski Brod, Bosanski Novi, Bosanski Petrovac, Bosanski Samac, Bosansko Grahovo, Bratunac, Brcko, Breza, Bugojno, Busovaca, Cazin, Cajnice, Capljina, Celinac, Citluk, Derventa, Doboj, Donji Vakuf, Foca, Fojnica, Gacko, Glamoc, Gorazde, Gornji Vakuf, Gracanica, Gradacac, Grude, Han Pijesak, Jablanica, Jajce, Kakanj, Kalesija, Kalinovik, Kiseljak, Kladanj, Kljuc, Konjic, Kotor Varos, Kresevo, Kupres, Laktasi, Listica, Livno, Lopare, Lukavac, Ljubinje, Ljubuski, Maglaj, Modrica, Mostar, Mrkonjic-Grad, Neum, Nevesinje, Odzak, Olovo, Orasje, Posusje, Prijedor, Prnjavor, Prozor, (Pucarevo) Novi Travnik, Rogatica, Rudo, Sanski Most, Sarajevo-Centar, Sarajevo-Hadzici, Sarajevo-Ilidza, Sarajevo-Ilijas, Sarajevo-Novi Grad, Sarajevo-Novo, Sarajevo-Pale, Sarajevo-Stari Grad, Sarajevo-Trnovo, Sarajevo-Vogosca, Skender Vakuf, Sokolac, Srbac, Srebrenica, Srebrenik, Stolac, Sekovici, Sipovo, Teslic, Tesanj, Drvar, Duvno, Travnik, Trebinje, Tuzla, Ugljevik, Vares, Velika Kladusa, Visoko, Visegrad, Vitez, Vlasenica, Zavidovici, Zenica, Zvornik, Zepce, Zivinice

        currently under negotiation with the assistance of international mediators

    • Independence:
      NA April 1992 (from Yugoslavia)

    • National holiday:

    • Constitution:
      promulgated in 1974 (under the Communists), amended 1989, 1990, and 1991; the Assembly planned to draft a new constitution in 1991, before conditions deteriorated; constitution of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (including Muslim and Croatian controlled parts of Republic) ratified April 1994

    • Legal system:
      based on civil law system

    • Suffrage:
      16 years of age, if employed; 18 years of age, universal

    • Executive branch:

        chief of state:
        President Alija IZETBEGOVIC (since 20 December 1990), other members of the collective presidency: Ejup GANIC (since NA November 1990), Nijaz DURAKOVIC (since NA October 1993), Stjepan KLJUJIC (since NA October 1993), Ivo KOMSIC (since NA October 1993), Mirko PEJANOVIC (since NA June 1992), Tatjana LJUJIC-MIJATOVIC (since NA December 1992)

        head of government:
        Prime Minister Haris SILAJDZIC (since NA October 1993)

        executive body of ministers; members of, and responsible to, the National Assembly

        the president of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina is Kresimir ZUBAK (since 31 May 1994); Vice President Ejup GANIC (since 31 May 1994)

    • Legislative branch:
      bicameral National Assembly

        Chamber of Municipalities (Vijece Opeina):
        elections last held November-December 1990 (next to be held NA); percent of vote by party NA; seats - (110 total) SDA 43, SDS BiH 38, HDZ BiH 23, Party of Democratic Changes 4, DSS 1, SPO 1

        Chamber of Citizens (Vijece Gradanstvo):
        elections last held November-December 1990 (next to be held NA); percent of vote by party NA; seats - (130 total) SDA 43, SDS BiH 34, HDZ BiH 21, Party of Democratic Changes 15, SRSJ BiH 12, LBO 2, DSS 1, DSZ 1, LS 1

        legislative elections for Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina are slated for late 1994

    • Judicial branch:
      Supreme Court, Constitutional Court

    • Political parties and leaders:
      Party of Democratic Action (SDA), Alija IZETBEGOVIC; Croatian Democratic Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina (HDZ BiH), Dario KORDIC; Serbian Democratic Party of Bosnia and Herzegovina (SDS BiH), Radovan KARADZIC, president; Liberal Bosnian Organization (LBO), Adil ZULFIKARPASIC, president; Democratic Party of Socialists (DSS), Nijaz DURAKOVIC, president; Party of Democratic Changes, leader NA; Serbian Movement for Renewal (SPO), Milan TRIVUNCIC; Alliance of Reform Forces of Yugoslavia for Bosnia and Herzegovina (SRSJ BiH), Dr. Nenad KECMANOVIC, president; Democratic League of Greens (DSZ), Drazen PETROVIC; Liberal Party (LS), Rasim KADIC, president

    • Other political or pressure groups:

    • Member of:
      CE (guest), CEI, ECE, FAO, ICAO, IFAD, ILO, IMO, INTELSAT (nonsignatory user), INTERPOL, IOC, IOM (observer), ITU, NAM (guest), OSCE, UN, UNCTAD, UNESCO, UNIDO, UPU, WHO, WIPO, WTO

    • Diplomatic representation in US:

        chief of mission:
        Ambassador Sven ALKALAJ

        Suite 760, 1707 L Street NW, Washington, DC 20036

        [1] (202) 833-3612, 3613, 3615

        [1] (202) 833-2061

        consulate(s) general:
        New York

    • US diplomatic representation:

        chief of mission:
        Ambassador Victor JACKOVICH

        address NA

        mailing address:
        American Embassy Bosnia, c/o AmEmbassy Vienna Boltzmangasse 16, A-1091, Vienna, Austria; APO: (Bosnia) Vienna, Department of State, Washington, DC 20521-9900

        [43] (1) 313-39

        [43] (1) 310-0682

    • Flag:
      white with a large blue shield; the shield contains white Roman crosses with a white diagonal band running from the upper hoist corner to the lower fly side

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