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Argentina Issues - 2024


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Disputes - international

Argentina-Bolivia: contraband smuggling, human trafficking, and illegal narcotic trafficking are problems in the porous areas of the border with Bolivia

Argentina-Brazil: uncontested dispute between Brazil and Uruguay over Braziliera/Brasiliera Island in the Quarai/Cuareim River leaves the tripoint with Argentina in question

Argentina-Chile: the joint boundary commission, established by Chile and Argentina in 2001 has yet to map and demarcate the delimited boundary in the inhospitable Southern Patagonian Ice Field (Campo de Hielo Sur); Chile in 2021 renewed a claim to 5,000 square kilometers (1,930 square miles) of continental shelf in the Drake Sea between Chile's Cape Horn, its mainland and the South Shetland Islands of Antarctica; the piece of undersea territory is known as Medialuna, and the claim includes the water above it; the two countries came close to war in the late 1970s in a dispute--known as the Beagle Conflict--over the possession of Picton, Lennox and Nueva islands and the scope of the maritime jurisdiction associated with those islands, which are strategically located off the south edge of Tierra del Fuego and at the east end of the Beagle Channel; the Beagle Channel, the Straits of Magellan, and the Drake Passage are the only three waterways between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean in the southern hemisphere

Argentina-Paraguay: none identified

Argentina-Uruguay: in 2010, the ICJ ruled in favor of Uruguay's operation of two paper mills on the Uruguay River, which forms the border with Argentina; the two countries formed a joint pollution monitoring regime. Isla de Martín Garcia situated in the Rio de la Plata estuary is wholly within Uruguayan territorial waters but up to its low tide mark, the island is Argentinian territory; the island is accorded unrestricted access rights

Argentina-United Kingdom: Argentina continues to assert its claims to the UK-administered Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), South Georgia, and the South Sandwich Islands in its constitution, forcibly occupying the Falklands in 1982, but in 1995 agreed to no longer seek settlement by force; UK continues to reject Argentine requests for sovereignty talks

Refugees and internally displaced persons

refugees (country of origin): 170,517 (Venezuela) (economic and political crisis; includes Venezuelans who have claimed asylum, are recognized as refugees, or have received alternative legal stay) (2021)

Illicit drugs

counterfeiting, drug trafficking, and other smuggling offenses in the Tri-Border area; some money laundering organizations in the TBA have may have links to the terrorist organization Hizballah; a large producer of chemical precursors

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