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Congo Democratic Republic of The Issues - 2024


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Disputes - international

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Republic of the Congo: the location of the boundary in the broad Congo River is indefinite except in the Pool Malebo/Stanley Pool area

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Uganda: Uganda rejects the DRC claim to Margherita Peak in the Rwenzori mountains and considers it a boundary divide; there is tension and violence on Lake Albert over prospective oil reserves at the mouth of the Semliki River; the Ugandan-origin Allied Democratic Forces (ADF; aka Islamic State of Iraq and ash-Sham in the DRC) operates on both sides of the border

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Zambia: boundary commission continues discussions over Congolese-administered triangle of land on the right bank of the Lunkinda River claimed by Zambia near the DRC village of Pweto

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Angola: DRC has accused Angola of shifting monuments

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Rwanda: the DRC has accused Rwanda of backing the armed separatist group March 23 Movement (aka M23 or Congolese Revolutionary Army)
Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)-Burundi: multiple armed groups originating from Burundi operate in the DRC

Refugees and internally displaced persons

refugees (country of origin): 208,328 (Rwanda), 53,307 (South Sudan) (refugees and asylum seekers), 46,667 (Burundi) (2023); 211,846 (Central African Republic) (2024)

IDPs: 6.38 million (fighting between government forces and rebels since mid-1990s; conflict in Kasai region since 2016) (2023)

Illicit drugs

country of origin of methamphetamine destined for overseas markets;

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