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Guinea Government - 2024


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Country name

conventional long form: Republic of Guinea

conventional short form: Guinea

local long form: Republique de Guinee

local short form: Guinee

former: French Guinea

etymology: the country is named after the Guinea region of West Africa that lies along the Gulf of Guinea and stretches north to the Sahel

Government type

presidential republic


name: Conakry

geographic coordinates: 9 30 N, 13 42 W

time difference: UTC 0 (5 hours ahead of Washington, DC, during Standard Time)

etymology: according to tradition, the name derives from the fusion of the name Cona, a Baga wine and cheese producer who lived on Tombo Island (the original site of the present-day capital), and the word nakiri, which in Susu means "the other bank" or "the other side"; supposedly, Baga's palm grove produced the best wine on the island and people traveling to sample his vintage, would say: "I am going to Cona, on the other bank (Cona-nakiri)," which over time became Conakry

Administrative divisions

7 regions administrative (administrative regions) and 1 gouvenorat (governorate)*; Boke, Conakry*, Faranah, Kankan, Kindia, Labe, Mamou, N'Zerekore


2 October 1958 (from France)

National holiday

Independence Day, 2 October (1958)


history: previous 1958, 1990; 2010 and a referendum in 2020, which was suspended on 5 September 2021 via a coup d’etat; on 27 September, the Transitional Charter was released, which supersedes the constitution until a new constitution is promulgated

amendments: proposed by the National Assembly or by the president of the republic; consideration of proposals requires approval by simple majority vote by the Assembly; passage requires approval in referendum; the president can opt to submit amendments directly to the Assembly, in which case approval requires at least two-thirds majority vote; revised in 2020

Legal system

civil law system based on the French model

International law organization participation

accepts compulsory ICJ jurisdiction with reservations; accepts ICCt jurisdiction


citizenship by birth: no

citizenship by descent only: at least one parent must be a citizen of Guinea

dual citizenship recognized: no

residency requirement for naturalization: na


18 years of age; universal

Executive branch

chief of state: President Col. Mamady DOUMBOUYA (since 1 October 2021); note - on 5 September 2021, Col. Mamady DOUMBOUYA led a military coup in which President CONDE was arrested and detained, the constitution suspended, and the government and People's National Assembly dissolved; on 1 October 2021, DOUMBOUYA was sworn in as transitional president

head of government: Prime Minister Mamadou Oury BAH (since 29 February 2024); note - on 19 February 2024, Guinea's military leaders dissolved the government of Prime Minister Bernard GOUMOU; on 27 February 2024, Guinea's military leaders appointed Mamadou Oury BAH as prime minister

cabinet: formerly the Council of Ministers appointed by the president; note - on 5 September 2021, the military arrested and detained the president, suspended the constitution, and dissolved the government and legislature

elections/appointments: formerly, the president was directly elected by absolute majority popular vote in 2 rounds if needed for a 5-year term (eligible for a second term) and the prime minister appointed by the president; election last held on 18 October 2020; note - a new election timetable has not been announced by the transitional government

election results:2020: Alpha CONDE reelected president in the first round; percent of vote - Alpha CONDE (RPG) 59.5%, Cellou Dalein DIALLO (UFDG) 33.5%, other 7%

Legislative branch

description: formerly the People's National Assembly; note - on 5 September 2021, Col. Mamady DOUMBOUYA led a military coup in which President CONDE was arrested and detained, the constitution suspended, and the government and People's National Assembly dissolved; on 22 January 2022, an 81-member Transitional National Council was installed; on 19 February 2024 Guinea's military leaders dissolved the government 

elections: 81 members to the Transitional National Council were appointed by the transitional president Col. Mamady DOUMBOUYA on 22 January 2022; elections for a permanent legislature had not been announced as of late January 2022; on 19 February 2024 Guinea's military leaders dissolved the government 

election results: 81 members of the National Transitional Council appointed on 22 January 2022 by the transitional president; the members represent all of the country's socio-professional organizations and political parties

Judicial branch

highest court(s): Supreme Court or Cour Supreme (organized into Administrative Chamber and Civil, Penal, and Social Chamber; court consists of the first president, 2 chamber presidents, 10 councilors, the solicitor general, and NA deputies); Constitutional Court - suspended on 5 September 2021

judge selection and term of office: Supreme Court first president appointed by the national president after consultation with the National Assembly; other members appointed by presidential decree; members serve 9-year terms until age 65

subordinate courts: Court of Appeal or Cour d'Appel; High Court of Justice or Cour d'Assises; Court of Account (Court of Auditors); Courts of First Instance (Tribunal de Premiere Instance); labor court; military tribunal; justices of the peace; specialized courts

Political parties and leaders

African Congress for Democracy and Renewal or CADRE [Daniel KOLIE]
Alliance for National Renewal or ARN [Pepe Koulemou KOULEMOU]
Alliance for National Renewal or ARENA [Sekou Koureissy CONDE]
Bloc Liberal or BL [Faya MILLIMONO]
Citizen Generation or GECI [Mohamed SOUMAH]
Citizen Party for the Defense of Collective Interests or PCDIC [Hamidou BARRY]
Democratic Alliance for Renewal or ADR [Alpha Oumar Taran DIALLO]
Democratic National Movement or MND [Ousmane DORE]
Democratic Union for Renewal and Progress or UDRP [Edouard Zoutomou KPOGHOMOU]
Democratic Union of Guinea or UDG [Mamadou SYLLA]
Democratic People's Movement of Guinea or MPDG [Siaka BARRY]
Democratic Workers' Party of Guinea or PDTG [Talibi Dos CAMARA]
Front for the National Alliance or FAN [Makale CAMARA]
Generation for Reconciliation Union and Prosperity or GRUP [Papa Koly KOUROUMA]
Guinea for Democracy and Balance or GDE [Aboubacar SOUMAH]
Guinean Party for Peaceful Coexistence and Development or PGCD [Nene Moussa Maleya CAMARA]
Guinean Party for Solidarity and Democracy or PGSD [Elie KAMANO]
Guinean Union for Democracy and Development or UGDD [Francis HABA]
Guinean Rally for Development or RGD [Abdoul Kabele CAMARA]
Guinean Rally for Unity and Development or RGUD [Abraham BOURE]
Guinean Renaissance Party or PGR [Ibrahima Sory CONDE]
Modern Guinea [Thierno Yaya DIALLO]
Movement for Solidarity and Development or MSD [Abdoulaye DIALLO]
National Committee for Reconciliation and Development [Colonel Mamady DOUMBOUYA]
National Front for Development or FND [Alhousseine Makanera KAKE]
National Union for Prosperity or UNP [Alpha Mady SOUMAH]
National Party for Hope and Development or PEDN [Lansana KOUYATE]
New Democratic Forces or NFD [Mouctar DIALLO]
New Generation for the Republic or NGR [Abbe SYLLA]
New Guinea or NG [Mohamed CISSE]
New Political Generation or NGP [Badra KONE]
Party for Progress and Change or PPC [Aboubacar Biro SOUMAH]
Party of Citizen Action through Labor or PACT [Makale TRAORE]
Party of Democrats for Hope or PADES [Ousmane KABA]
Party of Freedom and Progress or PLP [Laye Souleymane DIALLO]
Party of Hope for National Development or PEDN [Lansana KOUYATE]
Rally for Renaissance and Development or RRD [Abdoulaye KOUROUMA]
Rally for the Guinean People or RPG (vacant)
Rally for the Integrated Development of Guinea or RDIG [Jean Marc TELIANO]
Rally for the Republic or RPR [Diabaty DORE]
Union for Progress and Renewal or UPR [Ousmane BAH]
Union for the Defense of Republican Interests or UDIR [Bouya KONATE]
Union for the Progress of Guinea or UPG [Jacques GBONIMY]
Union of Democratic Forces or UFD [Mamadou Baadiko BAH]
Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea or UFDG [Cellou Dalein DIALLO]
Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Guinea or UDRG [Amadou Oury BAH]
Union of Republican Forces or UFR [Sidya TOURE]
Unity and Progress Party or PUP [Fode BANGOURA]

International organization participation


Diplomatic representation in the US

chief of mission: Ambassador Fatoumata KABA (since 19 April 2023) 


2112 Leroy Place NW, Washington, DC 20008

telephone: [1] (202) 986-4300

FAX: [1] (202) 986-3800

email address and website:

Diplomatic representation from the US

chief of mission: Ambassador Troy Damian FITRELL (since January 2022)

embassy: Transversale No. 2, Centre Administratif de Koloma, Commune de Ratoma, Conakry

mailing address: 2110 Conakry Place, Washington DC  20521-2110

telephone: [224] 65-10-40-00

FAX: [224] 65-10-42-97

email address and website:

Flag description

three equal vertical bands of red (hoist side), yellow, and green; red represents the people's sacrifice for liberation and work; yellow stands for the sun, for the riches of the earth, and for justice; green symbolizes the country's vegetation and unity

note: uses the popular Pan-African colors of Ethiopia; the colors from left to right are the reverse of those on the flags of neighboring Mali and Senegal

National symbol(s)

elephant; national colors: red, yellow, green

National anthem

name: "Liberte" (Liberty)

lyrics/music: unknown/Fodeba KEITA

note: adopted 1958

National heritage

total World Heritage Sites: 1 (natural)

selected World Heritage Site locales: Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve

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