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Morocco Climate
SOURCE: World Meteorological Organization and other sources

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Climatological Information for Casablanca
Month Mean Temperature oC Mean Total Precipitation (mm) Mean Number of Precipitation Days
Jan 7.2 17.1 40.1 6
Feb 10.5 18.8 0.0 0
Mar 12.0 21.3 0.0 0
Apr 12.6 19.7 43.7 12
May 16.0 22.2 14.4 5
Jun 18.6 24.4 0.0 0
Jul 20.1 26.2 0.0 0
Aug 21.2 26.7 0.7 2
Sep 19.3 25.5 9.7 4
Oct 15.1 22.1 67.4 5
Nov 11.5 19.8 18.2 8
Dec 10.9 19.7 105.7 12

The climate is Mediterranean in the North and in some mountains (West of Atlas), which becomes more extreme towards the interior regions.

The terrain is such that the coastal plains are rich and accordingly, they comprise the backbone for agriculture, especially in the North.

Forests cover about 12% of the land while arable land accounts for 18%. 5% is irrigated.

In the Atlas (Middle Atlas), there are several different climates: Mediterranean (with some more humid and fresher variants), Maritime Temperate (with some humid and fresher variants too) that allow different species of oaks, moss carpets, junipers, atlantic cedars and many other plants, to form extensive and very rich humid cloud forests.

In the highest peaks a different climate may occur.

On the other side of Atlas mountains (East Atlas), the climate changes, due to the barrier/shelter effect of these mountainous system, turning it very dry and extremely warm during the summer (that can last several months), especially on the lowlands and on the valleys faced to the Sahara.

Here it starts the big Desert Sahara and it is perfectly visible, for example, on the Draa Valley, on which it is possible to find oases, sand dunes and rocky desert landscapes.

So the climate in this region is desert.

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